1. The MUM 10 Years Impact Award 2013 was presented to Leena Arhippainen, CIE and Marika Tähti for their MUM 2003 paper ”Empirical Evaluation of User Experience in Two Adaptive Mobile Application Prototypes” at the MUM 2013 conference in Luleå, Sweden, on Dec 3rd, 2013.
  2. Pakanen, M., Arhippainen, L. and Hickey, S. (2013). Studying Four 3D GUI Metaphors in Virtual Environment in Tablet Context. Visual Design and Early Phase User Experience Evaluation. In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions (ACHI’ 13). ThinkMind Press, 41-46. ISBN: 978-1-61208-250-9. Awarded paper.