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Self-Expression Templates

Different self-reporting and expression methods are valuable tools for gathering users’ subjective experiences, ideas and wishes for product development.

Examples of using Self-Expression Template Method

3E Method (Expressing Emotions and Experiences)

This 3E method enable users to express their emotions and experiences by drawing and writing. By this way the researcher can gather the emotion (facial expression from the drawing) as well as the written text to explain the experiences behind the emotion. It is fruitful to use this method together with an interview or as a part of diary studies or mixed method procedure.

You can freely utilise these templates in your studies:

  • 3E Method Templates


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Self-Expression Templates

Using self-expression templates in the design process with users and professionals can provide valuable information for design solutions. In this type of method participants have a possibility to draw their ideas on the paper. Instead of using just a blank paper, we can use certain visual elements relating to the concept or device. Examples of the templates.

You can freely utilise this template in your studies:


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